2 Months Worth of Bibles

I have always said that there is enough to be fixed in your own country, no one needs to go to another one to help. Kind of like how we need to take care of ourselves before we can help anyone else. Well, I’m a hypocrite. The two missionary trips I applied to were both out of the country. One for Cusco, Peru, volunteering as a nurse in some of their facilities. The other is to ride along side our US Navy, volunteering as a civilian Nurse. Since I became a nurse in the first place to eventually join the Navy, the latter makes the most sense, right? I’d be able to see if it’s really something I want without the 6 year commitment. 
Well, Peru! Here I come! Why? I have no idea. It just feels right. Gods telling me to go to Cusco. Why did I even apply to that program to begin with?! God. God put it in my heart so I’m going to Cusco! 

Now to explain this to my family…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

I have just over a month to raise some funds to help me out for the two months I’ll be away. Check out my link please!


Now What?

So it’s May 6th and I am waking up thinking about all the margaritas people probably had last night. No, I can’t act innocent, I went out last night too. Just no tequila for me. I’m a whiskey and beer kinda girl. Long story short, I was planning on just having pizza and beer at my best friends apartment with her husband but he got called into work so her and I decided to see a country concert for free. Yup, that’s how we get down, Mexican style. 

Anywho, I woke up thinking about how much I really enjoyed just hanging with my best friend! We still went out and had a good time, but this is probably the first Cinco De Mayo that we didn’t get fancy and drink tequila and act immature. We simply went to a small venue, had two drinks, and just enjoyed ourselves. Oh God, we’re getting old. No, I need to do something about that! I have to do something adventurous! 

That’s it! I googled and researched missionary trips. I have narrowed it down to two different ones, and just submitted my applications. Now we wait. I’m graduated from Nursing school, young, and I have no bills until October. So this is it! Wish me luck!!