Now What?

So it’s May 6th and I am waking up thinking about all the margaritas people probably had last night. No, I can’t act innocent, I went out last night too. Just no tequila for me. I’m a whiskey and beer kinda girl. Long story short, I was planning on just having pizza and beer at my best friends apartment with her husband but he got called into work so her and I decided to see a country concert for free. Yup, that’s how we get down, Mexican style. 

Anywho, I woke up thinking about how much I really enjoyed just hanging with my best friend! We still went out and had a good time, but this is probably the first Cinco De Mayo that we didn’t get fancy and drink tequila and act immature. We simply went to a small venue, had two drinks, and just enjoyed ourselves. Oh God, we’re getting old. No, I need to do something about that! I have to do something adventurous! 

That’s it! I googled and researched missionary trips. I have narrowed it down to two different ones, and just submitted my applications. Now we wait. I’m graduated from Nursing school, young, and I have no bills until October. So this is it! Wish me luck!!


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