TMI Amber, TMI…

So I love cheese! I mean, I loooooovvvee cheese! I remember, growing up, my best friend in high school was lactose intolerant and I just couldn’t understand how she lived without pizza, ice cream, cheese and grapes, cream cheese, cream in her coffee, milk, etc… Then I dated a guy in college who was, too. He limited his lactose intake but every now and then he’d make us killer quesadillas or homemade pizza… Well, dinner was nice but watching a movie on the couch alone while he sat on the pot was kind of lonesome.

I remember learning in school that humans are naturally lactose intolerant. That we are the only species that drinks another animals milk. Hmm, so interesting. The professors taught us that after a while the majority of us will become lactose intolerant. That our body just won’t be able to process that kind of food. I laughed. Not me! All the adults in my family drink a couple of glasses of milk a day.

The day is here… I am lactose intolerant. I am the only one in my family that is, too. I went for a 7.5 mile run last night and decided I was allowed to have some ice cream when I got home. Yes, I was the one sitting on the pot through the movie this time. There will come a day that you become lactose intolerant, too. So for the love of food, I’m going to focus on dairy free recipes this month!

Childlike tendencies with adult consequences… Well, this sucks!



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